AI, Analytics & Human powered solutions to improve diversity within enterprises

At Meytier, we’re building solutions to eliminate unintended, unconscious bias in hiring decisions
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Intelligence to minimize bias in the selection process
Solutions for candidates to represent themselves more effectively
A stronger diversity pipeline for enterprises
Better opportunities for candidates
Meytier helps achieve real diversity.
We make a real impact on the pipeline at all levels – with an online job board and an offline search model so that enterprises committed to diversity can find and hire qualified women.
How meytier works for employers
We help you engage the right candidates
Our AI based engine expands the candidate shortlist
We help you hire qualified, diverse candidates
What we do
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Job boards
Post your active jobs and work with us to find talent
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Use our Meytier Score to expand your pipeline of candidates and find candidates you might have missed
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Custom models for recruitment to match candidates
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