Unbiased Intelligence - A new wave in hiring

Meytier helps you achieve real diversity. Our solutions work to offset bias in screening and expand your candidate pipeline.

When it comes to building diverse teams, organizations face a complex problem. A smaller pipeline of candidates is further compounded by lower screening outcomes.

At Meytier, our research consistently shows us that women simply don’t look for jobs the same way men do. We help you engage audiences you may not be reaching and our Unbiased Intelligence Technology provides valuable insights to candidate potential. We take a holistic approach to evaluating candidates so that you can identify great candidates to join your workforce.
Identify “potential” and offset bias in hiring
Engage and expand your pipeline of candidates
Increase conversions; hire more qualified women
Improve diversity at scale
How companies work with Meytier
Showcase your commitment to diversity. List open jobs, engage the right candidates.
Intelligence Engine
Leverage our SAAS based platform to improve diversity. Expand the candidate pipeline.
We help you hire qualified, diverse candidates. Powered by the Meytier Intelligence Engine.
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