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My email verification link has expired, what do I do now?

No worries! Just re-register on our website and you’ll get a new one.

The ‘My Profile’ page displays a message, “Please complete your profile to proceed”. What does that mean?

Completing your profile means providing information such as your current role, your location, your resumé and skills, and your interests. All these things help our recruiters understand who you are and what kind of jobs you’re looking for. The more information you provide us with the better we can support you in your job search!

Job preferences Under job preferences, you can select your preferred job title, location, proximity, experience level, salary. The portal allows you to set multiple combinations of job title and location. Based on this data, we will send you job recommendations via email or phone and the jobs recommendations will also show up on My Dasboard as ‘Jobs you may like’.

Blog Preferences Under Blog Preferences, we allow you to select your preferred interest area so that we can filter our blog posts to show you the stuff you’re really interested in.

Can I provide feedback to Meytier?

You definitely can! We’d love to hear from you- go to the contact us section and add your feedback in the form and send it our way.

What is displayed on My Dashboard?

Your Dashboard displays your recent job applications, saved jobs, jobs you may like, recommended blogs and employers.

Can I create a profile even if I am not immediately looking for a job?

Of course! You can absolutely create a profile even if you are not immediately looking for a job. You can still follow companies, browse jobs, and choose to receive recommendations if you’re interested.

How do I register on Meytier.com?

You can click Get Started on our home page. This will bring you to a Sign up screen where you can sign up using a Social Media account (Facebook/Linkedin/Google) or Sign up with an Email.

Can I delete my Meytier.com profile?

Currently, there is no way to delete a profile on our portal but you can drop us an email using our contact us form if you wish to deactivate your account and we’ll do it for you.

Signing up with a Social Media account

This is an easy and quick way to sign up. When you choose to sign up using social media account, you will be redirected to your social media screen to enter your username and password. Once that’s finished- an account with your name and email will be created in our portal.

Signing up with Email

If you don’t want to use a social media account to login, you can create a separate account with us using your email address. Please enter your name, email address and password and click Sign up. A verification link will be sent to you the email address provided. When you click on verification link in the email, your account will be activated and you will be redirected to My Profile screen on Portal to complete your profile. Please note that the verification link will be active only for 24 hrs.

Do I have to register to use Meytier?

You don’t have to register to browse our job board or our employer pages - but you do have to register if you apply for a job through us! Registering on our website allows you to:

  • Access and Apply to a wide variety of jobs
  • Access a technology driven job board which intelligently matches your skills with open positions
  • Get job recommendations picked just for you delivered to your inbox
  • Apply to jobs from your phone
Does it cost to create a profile in Meytier.com?

Using Meytier to browse or look for jobs is absolutely Free of Cost.

Do I have to verify my email?

Yes please! We use your email address to send all future communication regarding your applications, as well as job recommendations from new postings on our website. We want to make sure we have the correct contact info for you.

Are all the jobs on your website still available?

Yes! All of our listings are dated and promptly removed when the position is filled or no longer accepting new applications.

Can I attach a cover letter with every job application? Is it mandatory?

Yes, you can include a cover letter with every job application. It is optional.

I am receiving job notifications via email and I’d like to receive them on my phone as well. What do I do?

Go to your Preferences Page and find the Get Job Alerts and notification control. When you enable the Send Alerts feature, you can select how you’d like to receive notifications. Select Both if you’d like to receive notifications from us both via phone and email.

How can I view the status of my application?

Meytier does not (yet!) have a way for you to view your application status. If you are shortlisted for a job, our recruitment team will get in touch with you. We do our best to reach out to all that apply to keep them updated. You can also write to your specific point person and get the status at any point in time.

What does Meytier do?

At Meytier, we are focused on eliminating unintended, unconscious bias in the hiring process to help enterprises hire more women and achieve real diversity. Our solution is a talent platform that will use Ethical AI to address today's structural and cultural issues in hiring. Candidates can browse jobs from firms that are committed to diversity. Employers can showcase their firm and list jobs to reach interested applicants and work with Meytier to find qualified candidates.

I no longer want to receive job notifications via email and phone. What do I do?

Go to your preferences page and find the Get Job Alerts and notification control. You can turn it OFF.

I have signed up on Meytier but haven’t received any job recommendations yet. How can I get them?

Make sure you have the Get Job Alerts and notification turned ON in your preferences. We continue to onboard more employers, but it is possible that there may not be any matches for you quite yet. Subscribe and we will be in touch with recommendations.

What happens when I apply for a job on Meytier.com?

Every job application is reviewed by our recruitment team to assess if you meet the required job specifications. Shortlisted candidates are notified via email/phone and we guide you through the process of the job search.

Can I attach a different resumé than the one on my profile for a specific job application?

Absolutely! You can save up to four versions of your resumé on your profile. When applying for a job, use the Upload New Resume feature on the Apply Now screen. We’ll save the new version of your resumé to your profile for you along with the job application using uploaded date/time.

Why am I sometimes redirected to other websites when I apply for a job on Meytier? Is this safe?

Some of our clients require candidates to apply directly on their website. You may be redirected to our clients’ website in that case. If you ever have any questions, you can reach out to us at: contactus@meytier.com

How does Meytier choose which jobs to recommend to me?

We use our technology to match your interests and skill set with open positions on our portal. If we find a good match- you’ll get them sent to you via email or text.

What are the acceptable sizes and format of resumes at Meytier.com?

Resumes should be in doc, docx or PDF format. Size should not exceed 10 MB.

Privacy & Security
Does Meytier share my information with third parties?

No, your information is completely safe and secure with us. We do not share any information with third parties.

If I create a profile using a 3rd party service like LinkedIn, what information from my profile there is used by Meytier?

When you create an account in Meytier.com using any of your social media accounts, we just import your name and email address from your social media account. No other information is linked.

How does Meytier find the right candidates for our requirements?

Meytier leverages a combination of tools such our proprietary intelligence engine to expand the pipeline of candidates, extensive candidate database, recruitment network and offline search through a talent research team to find the ideal candidates for your requirements.

How do we create a company page on Meytier?

Reach out to contactus@meytier.com and we will work with your marketing and HR groups to create your firm’s page. There is no cost associated with listing your jobs on our platform. You can choose to work with the Meytier fulfilment team for custom search.

Which employers does Meytier partner with?

Meytier partners with technology & financial services companies of all sizes who believe in unbiased hiring and are striving to cultivate a strong, diverse workforce. If you’d like to partner with us, get in touch!

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