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Orion is an award-winning, global technology services provider that utilizes innovative new technology to help our clients capitalize on their business investments. Since our founding in 1993, we've worked to create solutions across data, analytics, enterprise collaboration, risk & compliance, knowledge management, and cloud to support our customers’ business journey in an ever changing digital landscape.

We specialize in engineering data-driven business tools using digital technologies (such as data, analytics, and the cloud) to help our customers transform their productivity. Based out of Edison, New Jersey we now have twelve global delivery centers, more than 95 customers (including 10+ Fortune 100 Clients) and our collaborative global workforce now stands at over three thousand strong.

HQ - New Jersey (US) /India, Germany, Australia and UK.

At Orion, we’re looking for talented technology experts who are passionate about developing creative, innovative, and effective solutions for our clients. You’ll be working with like-minded professionals within our collaborative global workforce to shape tomorrow’s technology with the latest digital methodologies and design thinking such as Cloud, AI, Machine Learning, DevOps, and Agile. If you share our drive to create cutting-edge digital solutions, Orion is the company for you.

Life at Orion

Our company culture is fast-paced and exciting. We are constantly striving to break new boundaries and deliver faster, better, stronger, and cost-effective solutions for our clients founded on a deep basis of knowledge of data technologies. Although our workforce is large, it is profoundly connected and collaborative. Our associates are talented, dedicated, and passionate about what they do. Our employees work in tandem to deliver cutting-edge solutions for our clients and continuously challenge one another to open new doors in our quest to shape the technology of tomorrow. At Orion, you’ll find many opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally.

Diversity at Orion

With over 25 years in the business and now more than twelve global delivery centers, our workforce is broad, collaborative, and diverse. We’ve been breaking boundaries since our founding in 1993 for our clients and for ourselves. At Orion, we believe that a strong, connected, and diverse workplace is the birthplace of the innovation and creativity we strive for in our technology solutions. We are initiating comprehensive efforts to hire more women throughout all levels of our organization and as we continue to help our clients transform and grow within their businesses we strive to do the same ourselves.

We facilitate the success of our employees regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, disability status, or any other dimension of disability, and are continuously striving to make our workforce as strong and effective as it can be.


We are headquartered in New Jersey, USA and have offices in the USA, India, Germany, Australia and UK.

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