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Global Payex delivers working capital efficiency using sophisticated, AI-driven cloud-based AR and AP management Solutions. Our platform significantly improves key working capital metrics and achieves greater customer satisfaction through engagement, efficiency, and transparency. Founded by the original leadership team of Mphasis, Global PayEx has a deep understanding of the industries we work in and is backed by the top Venture Capital in the U.S.

Global PayEX is an AI powered cloud platform for capital optimization. We work in B2B automation, reconciliation, analytics and financing. Backed by JP Morgan, we serve Fortune 500 companies across the globe, and work with the world’s leading corporations and banks. Our sophisticated technology and management solution is a closed platform that facilitates bill sharing, payment handling, and comprehensive transaction management between B2B buyers and sellers. We bring efficiency, security, and intelligent automation to the core of our customers’ business.
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We’re a fast paced, exciting, dynamic company founded by some of the industry’s top leaders. We have a deep understanding of our customers and their business needs. We’re always looking for passionate people to join our ever growing teams. We value employees who love to learn, are excited by what they do, and are constantly striving to challenge themselves and those around them. Global PayEx helps our employees to upskill and grow within the company and their careers. We reward hard-working and passionate people with ample opportunities for success.
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Diversity at Payex
As a truly global company, we believe that our differences in experience, identity, and thought are what make us so good at what we do. We have offices and people all over the world, and harness our global perspectives to provide the best, most efficient, and most innovative solutions for our clients. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race, gender identity, age, disability, veteran status, nationality, sexuality, or any other marker of ability. We work hard to ensure that employees from all walks of life have not just a seat at the table, but a voice in the room.
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