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The job role involves the applicant to:


§  Partner with Data Analysis team on IDMP project to take their guidance and the interpretation of IDMP Implementation Guide and the specifics of data requirements
§  Partner with GPS and R&D business stakeholders to identify potential sources of the required data with Client enterprise Veeva capabilities
§ Query enterprise systems and extract required datasets to further confirm/adjust the initial understanding of the specific location, format, and quality of the data
§ Collaborate with technical team members, business stakeholders, and data governance team and identify points of entry, origin of the data, and existing governance  (source vs. copies)
§ Partner with business stakeholders to highlight any data gaps and/or remediation needs to satisfy the IDMP data requirements
§ Share the findings and appropriate supporting artifacts with Data Architecture team to ensure Data analysis findings are leveraged for progressing IDMP DA efforts
§ Support data preparation for remediation activities
§ Support any UAT testing if required

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