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Scienaptic is looking for a savvy Scala Engineer to join their growing team of engineering experts.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for developing, enhancing, re-engineering & maintaining play web applications built with Scala.
  • Develop Spark Pipelines for Distributed ML training and integrate with overflow of the application.
  • Participate in code review and improve the overall code quality.

Skills and Experience: 

  • 4 years of web back end development with at least 2 year in Scala.
  • Experience in Scala for application development.
  • Knowledge of Futures, Promises, Option, Collections in Scala.
  • Experience with Play framework(Scala Version).
  • Solid understanding of Functional Programming concepts (Recursion instead of iteration, Higher order functions, immutable vs mutable, Pattern matching)
  • Experience in the design of distributed systems.
  • Experience in build tools like SBT.
  • Experience working with graph databases.
  • Experience in Gremlin Query Language.
  • Knowledge on designing a graph data model.
  • Experience building apps using Scala APIs of Apache Spark.

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