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Scienaptic is looking for a Data Engineer to join their growing team of analytics experts.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leverage the batch computation frameworks and our workflow management platform (Airflow) to assist in building out different data pipelines

  • Lower the latency and bridge the gap between our production systems and our data warehouse by rethinking and optimizing our core data pipeline jobs

  • Work with client to create and optimize critical batch processing jobs in Spark

  • Develop production grade code using Scala/Spark and Python/Spark code on Azure data bricks

Skills and Experience

  • Strong engineering background and interested in data

  • Good understanding of data analysis using SQL queries

  • Strong hold on Python or Scala as a programming language on Azure Databricks. 

  • Experience of developing and maintaining distributed systems built with Azure Databricks or native Apache Spark

  • Experience of building libraries and tooling that provide abstractions to users for accessing data 

  • Experience in writing and debugging ETL jobs using a distributed data framework (Spark/Hadoop MapReduce etc.) on Azure Databricks

  • Experience optimizing the end-to-end performance of distributed systems

  • Ability to recommend and implement ways to improve data reliability, efficiency, and quality

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