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Responsibilities and Duties

  • Design, build, test and deploy ML models at scale
  • Experience with modern machine learning techniques including Ensemble Methods, Deep learning
  • Write production ready code and deploy real time ML models ; expose ML outputs through APIs
  • Analyse website and apps effectiveness and recommend changes to content, navigation and design
  • Hypothesis Testing and Design of experiments to analyse and monitor results
  • Experience in building digital enquiry generation models, product recommendations on website, marketing response models, social media analytics.
  • Engineer features to improve decision algorithms
  • Partner with data/ML engineers and vendor partners for input data pipes development and ML models automation

Skills and competencies

  • Masters in Computer Science, Mathematical / ML related disciplines with 6+ years of experience into core ML
  • Solid understanding of probability / statistics / data science / ML along with Python + SQL proficiency
  • Test of hypotheses and analysis of ML models and optimizing models for accuracy
  • Experience with Spark or other distributed computing systems for large scale training and prediction of ML models
  • End to end system design: data analysis, feature engineering, technique selection, implementation, debugging, and maintenance in production
  • Experience with unstructured data and text mining skillset is a plus point

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