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Scienaptic is looking for a savvy DevOps Engineer to join their growing team of analytics experts.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Perform cluster and system performance tuning

  • Work with cluster subscribers to ensure efficient resource usage in the cluster and alleviate multi-tenancy concerns

  • Coordinate and monitor cluster upgrade needs

  • Monitor cluster health and build pro-active tools to look for anomalous behaviour

Skills and Experience 

  • 4+ years of experience as DevOps Engineer or working in that area

  • Experience of working with configuration management tools such as Ansible, Puppet, or Chef

  • Conceptualise, architect and build automated deployment pipelines in a CI/CD environment like Jenkins.

  • Experience of working with AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes as well as exposure to Python scripting to automate DevOps process

  • Experience of cloud deployment

  • Experience of big data tools : Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, etc

  • Expertise in the area Linux/UNIX administration

  • Experience of working with version control systems such as Git or Perforce

  • Experience of scripting using Python, Shell scripting etc

  • Good communication skills

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