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Key Responsibilities:

  • Has a sense of intellectual curiosity and a burning desire to learn
  • Is self-driven, actively looks for ways to contribute, and knows how to get things done
  • Is relentlessly customer-focused
  • Values data and truth over ego
  • Has a strong sense of engineering craftsmanship and takes pride in the code they write
  • Believes that good software development includes good testing, good documentation, and good collaboration - and that these practices extend to the data environment
  • Has strong communication and reasoning skills, including the ability to make a strong case for technology choices

Desired Profile:

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • At least 2 years of platform engineering experience
  • Proficient in administrative operating systems such as Linux and comfortable navigating the CLI
  • Strong experience working in virtualized environments (VMWare/IaaS)
  • Well versed in at least one scripting language for automation such as Java, Bash, Python, or Powershell
  • Experience with AWS or at least one public cloud technology
  • Experience with alerting and monitoring tools
  • Working knowledge of GitHub/GitLab
  • Experience working with big data technologies including: Spark, Cassandra, Hadoop, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Snowflake, or Tableau
  • You will be part of a scrum dev team aligned to our client’s data interaction tools for the client’s enterprise. The data interaction tools align to the squad are tableau, Alation, business objects, SAS, and many more.
  • System administration and solution architecture experience is preferred but not mandatory. Every two weeks the team will execute in a “sprint” to deliver stakeholder outcomes. At the end of each sprint, team will review deliverables with stakeholders. In addition, candidate along with the dev team will identity cloud migration opportunities for existing on premise platforms based upon use cases.
Location: Cincinnati

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