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At Orion, XD Strategists are the visionaries that shape our transformative solutions, identifying key objectives and the strategic value and business dynamics of our clients, framing problem-solving processes, and driving solutioning strategies from research and insights to conceptualization and implementation.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Team Management: Responsible for advocating XD strategies, principles, and methodologies to other disciplines and clients as necessary.
  • Deliverables: Champion of all high-level Experience Design activities that inform and simplify complex problems into compelling design solutions, including but not limited to: research, strategy briefs, heuristic analysis, research insights reports, comparative reviews, user and stakeholder interview findings, experience mapping, proof of concepting, and prototype development.
  • Presentation Skills: Expertly craft and lead presentations, explaining and articulating – internally and externally – all rationale for recommendations, choices, and solutions.
  • Collaboration: Drive collaboration and harmonious cooperation with clients, key stakeholders, and project team members – including XD Leads and Designers, UI Leads, Project Managers, Design Technologists, Business Analysts, and Developers – to forge and ensure the integrity of solutions and the satisfaction of clients.
  • Client Relationships: Be the primary force driving collaboration and harmonious cooperation with clients, key stakeholders, and their constituents. Establish strong bonds, work intimately with clients, and help conceive roadmaps for experience design strategies and solutions that can be crafted and implemented on time and on budget.
  • Problem-solving Skills: Exemplary conceptual thinker and analytical researcher, with excellent oral and written communication, presentation skills and proven ability to solve problems creatively.

Desired Profile:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in XD, HCI, design thinking or similar fields (at a minimum) or a background in relevant fields such as information science, cognitive science, psychology or marketing. Advanced degrees and certifications a plus.
  • 8+ years of industry and agency experience.
  • A competent understanding of the abilities of major software platforms and technologies.
  • An adept proficiency of the capabilities of front-end technologies and the respective challenges and opportunities of back-end development when shaping solutions
  • Strong software skills with proficiency in common XD and prototyping tools such as, but not limited to: Sketch, Figma, InVision, Adobe CC, user research and testing aids, tools, and services such as UserTesting.com, Respondent.io, etc.
  • Complementary knowledge of supporting software and tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Must be extremely confident but humble, disciplined and organized.
  • A motivated self starter.
  • Egoless and highly collaborative.
  • A keen ability to inspire to lead, inspire, motivate, and galvanize others towards action in a collaborative environment.

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