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As a Senior Developer, you will be responsible for Full-Stack JavaScript development. This includes leading the charge on on UI/UX implementation, spinning up Node.js servers on the back-end, building RESTful web services that any team can consume, and setting up databases & build configurations. Also, you will be mentoring and coaching junior team members to understand the prescribed architectures and follow best practices and processes. You’ll be working closely with designers, devops & other teams to integrate what is needed to build and maintain the product. TDD, scrum processes and Agile principles are also paramount - delivering products with confidence and not fear.

Essential Skills:
  • Javascript (ES6, React, Angular>2.0 or other framework)
  • Node.js
  • Relational Databases (MySQL, Postgres)
  • RESTful web service design
  • Unit and Integration testing
  • Leading a technical discussion
  • Troubleshooting a high-profile production issue
  • Acting as a mentor and proponent of best practices
Desired Skills:
  • Experience with working /deploying in a Linux environment
  • Configuration and provisioning tools (jenkins, ansible, saltstack, etc.)
  • Containerization (docker, docker-compose, container orchestration)
  • Experience developing with continuous integration in a high-volume production environment
  • AWS experience (CloudFormation, resource provisioning and management)
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes

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