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A CRM business analyst will have a variety of responsibilities associated with data collected about their customers. Some general responsibilities and duties include researching the customer base, management of data regarding customers, analyzing data regarding customers, monitoring responses to various marketing campaigns, analyzing behavior on the company website, examining customer purchase history, creating reports for sales and marketing teams, creating reports for customer service teams, making recommendations regarding relationship strategies, recommending various marketing campaigns, looking for trends among customers and customer data, and analyzing sales and pricing data. A person in this position should be highly analytical in nature, as well as able to think outside of the box on a number of occasions. A CRM business analyst should possess expert interpersonal relationship skills and organizational skills. This person should be able to work under little direction and have superb decision-making skills.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Business Analyst Tasks:

  • Identify user needs from user requests and develop strategies by which to meet those needs.
  • Critically evaluate information from multiple sources and clearly indicate quality of final analysis.
  • Communicate complex data in comprehensible ways.
  • Determine, implement, and evaluate business metrics to meet ongoing organizational or customer information needs.
  • Analyze and report on complex data to meet customer needs.

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