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We are looking for a Hyperledger Fabric Developer with experience of 2 or more years with the ability to create and maintain stable and efficient chaincodes, networks, and web API’s for interaction.


  • Strong proficiency with JavaScript, Typescript and HTTP
  • Should be able to create chaincode in either Javascript / Typescript / Go Lang
  • Should be able to work on Node JS v10 and above
  • Able to handle block, transaction events from Fabric network
  • Good knowledge of cryptography concepts
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Should be able to work on Linux environment
  • Should be able to work with Docker or other container technology
  • Should be proficient in any one traditional database technology like MySQL, Mongo, etc.
  • Able to update work status on task management platforms like Jira


  • Creating stable, consistent, and efficient Chaincode in either Javascript / Typescript / Go Lang
  • Creating Chaincode test cases for chaincode functions
  • Creating functions to create and manage users which are managed by Fabric CA
  • Creating Web API’s for blockchain interaction in NodeJS platform
  • Creating functions to update off-chain database based on the blockchain events
  • Containerizing of the applications
  • Creating test suites for Web API’s
  • Document the technical aspects of application

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