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The Catalyst Team is seeking a Full Stack Developer to join our full-time team as full-time employee.

The ideal candidate has extensive production experience providing solutions based on JavaScript in the front and back end, be familiar with ES6, ES7, and can describe prototypical inheritance, de-structuring the spread operator, and other advanced JavaScript concepts.

Open to remote locations, excluding Colorado.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Deploy applications using Angular technologies.
  • Develop Angular 2.0 applications in production.
  • Adopt Angular concepts.
  • Lay out modern web applications and styling in HTML and CSS.
  • Work with multiple clients, mobile browsers and deal with varying capabilities.
  • Protect client data in motion and at rest as well as different techniques for authenticating and authorizing clients/consumers of service data.
  • Perform primary product development with GIT-based source control solutions.
  • Provide understanding on concepts such as rebasing, squashing, cherry-picking and tagging

Desired Profile:

  • Have experience with:
  • Typescript
  • JavaScript
  • Java/Spring
  • SQL
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Angular
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Responsive web development
  • RESTful API’s
  • GIT
  • Must know how to develop in other Web-based UI Frameworks, and be willing to provide examples of rapidly adopted work with Angular concepts.
  • Must be able to rapidly styler user interface elements in HTML and CC that match requirement wireframes and then incorporate those components into Angular components or client framework templates.
  • Must be able to mutli-task while working with multiple clients, and mobile browsers.
  • Must be able to describe in detail how client-side framework works with CSS, HTML and Javascript to render applications in different form factors.
  • Must have extensive experience with public RESTful interfaces and can describe in detail the tenets of REST.
  • Must be able to compare Rest to SOAP.
  • Provide details of REST best practices.

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