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  • Key Responsibilities:
  • Architect, maintain build and deployment automation applications for cloud specifically Azure.
  • Drive technical innovation to improve CI-CD efficiency and transparency across the enterprise, helping to foster a culture of CI-CD
  • Provide subject matter expertise in CI-CD processes, determining methods and procedures.
  • Plan the implementation of infrastructure as code for setting up the Ping runtime environment.
  • Deliver expert level Ansible automation and collaborate with others in developing solutions that conform to Ansible best practices.
  • Continuous improvement in system visibility and applications with advanced monitoring, metrics and log analytics
  • Deliver monitoring and logging solutions for different technology stacks.
  • Aid Operations teams in addressing challenges due to lack of modern DevOps practices, help to recommend DevOps solutions.
  • Develop automated methods for the deployment of media processing/distribution infrastructure.
  • Develop proof of concept deployments for evaluation of products and architectures
  • Develop highly reliable systems intended for on-air environments.
  • Develop scripts and utilities to automate data collection for analysis.
  • Write automation applications to support software deliverables.
  • Write code, write scripts, run scripts, follow detailed instructions, solve problems, and effectively communicate the results.
  • Proactively research, recommend, and implement automated build and release tools and processes.
  • Technology Skills: Azure, Ansible, SaltStack, Shell Scripting, Jenkins, CI/CD Pipelines


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