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Desired profile:

  • Create Laptop/workstation Windows OS images with different compliance/security hardening requirements for PCN protection Priority rating high/Critical BUs and Low/Moderate BUs using Chevron build process, release semi-annually updated/ patched images for all supported Windows versions.
  • Install customized windows images
  • Laptop and AD user access support
  • SymantecAV client deployment and monitoring
  • Ivanti unified Endpoint Manager for vulnerability/security patching
  • IRM for OS and Applications installed on the devices
  • Hardware troubleshooting for any devices
  • Assisting end users with performing Hardware OS updates/refreshes for any devices
  • Hardware enrolment and provisioning for any devices
  • Hardware training for any devices
  • Refreshing/Updating hardware training materials (tutorials, workshops, etc.) for any devices
  • Monitoring the performance and usage of devices and providing regular reports and feedback to other teams and stakeholders. This may include tracking key metrics, such as the number of users, the types of applications that are being used, and any technical issues that arise.
  • Create the initial escalation path spreadsheet
  • Update and refresh the escalation path spreadsheet anytime new changes are uncovered
  • New hardware deployments for any devices
  • Escalating hardware issues to vendor if it cannot be resolved internally
  • Monitoring and performing all IRM tasks and controls from Service Now as it relates to devices
  • Ensuring all compliance tasks are completed before the due date specified for the CMDB entry.
  • Perform patching and updates for any devices if needed and notify end users

Compensation Range: $60k-$70k

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