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Desired Profile:

  • Candidates must have deep technical expertise with 4G/5G solutions for Service Providers, and preferably automation technologies.
  • Candidates must also have strong customer interaction, troubleshooting, testing and consulting skills.
  • They must be able to articulate complex concepts in easy-to-understand language. Candidates must be proficient in customer facing discussions.
  • Customer Facing experience.
  • Previous experience in a customer support or TAC-style role
  • Ability and experience debugging and troubleshooting complex network problems.
  • Routing and Switching experience, R&S and/or SP CCNP Required
  • Strong knowledge of PGW, SGW
  • Strong knowledge of AMF, PCF, SMF, UPF
  • Strong knowledge of RAN, SMI, AUSF, UDM, UDR
  • Strong knowledge of Cisco Star OS
  • Strong knowledge of Cisco DC platforms (N3K, N7K, N9K)
  • Strong knowledge of NSO,VNFM orchestration
  • Experience in all or most of the following: BGP, OSPF, LAN Switching, VXLAN
  • Programming experience/familiarity (Python / Kubernetes/ Robot Framework preferred)
  • Linux/Unix experience
  • Devops knowledge
  • Proficient with Cisco Test Tools; Lattice, Stargen, Calipers
  • Strong communication skills (written, verbal, and formal presentation)

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