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  • As the Salesforce DevOps Release Manager, you will be responsible for leading the Release Management function of large-scale implementations, data migrations, Salesforce environment management, and deployments.
  • You will be using source control systems (e.g., GitHub), release branching strategies, CI/CD pipelines for release management and deployment across environments.
  • With knowledge of Agile methodologies, processes and frameworks, the Release Manager will play a critical role in the planning, development, and execution of the release plan.
  • Define and manage change control processes for development and release readiness criteria, and ensure all changes meet criteria prior to deployment
  • Facilitate release activities across all Salesforce development and administrator teams, ensuring quality and timely deployments across environments
  • Maintain required test coverage in Salesforce and resolve all deployment errors
  • Validate Post Release activities, and track release metrics to improve and report successes/failures
  • Proactively manage dependencies and risks
  • Identify issues and perform root-cause analysis to ensure they are not repeated
  • Monitor all lower environments (Salesforce Sandboxes) for release process / creating and synchronizing sandbox metadata and appropriate data sets
  • Continuously evaluate the DevOps strategy, processes, and tools and promote best practices
  • Maintain and publish the Salesforce release Calendar
  • Work closely with scrum team members for merge requests, resolve code conflicts and handle build validation and deployments
  • Act as a Subject Matter Expert for DevOps tools and processes; Train team members on DevOps tool usage and deployment processes
  • Strong knowledge of Salesforce.com and Salesforce CLI
  • Proficient with GitHub, SonarCloud, Azure Dev Ops and Salesforce DevOps Center
  • Comfortable with Salesforce Administration activities
  • Ability to resolve conflicts and perform merge/branching strategies with GitHub is ESSENTIAL for success in this position.

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