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Scienaptic is the world's leading AI powered Credit Underwriting platform company. Designed by seasoned Chief Risk Officers, its platform is creating industry leading business impact in terms of lifts such as higher approvals (15-40%) and lower credit losses (10-25%) with all the regulatory explainability. Last year alone, we have helped financial institutions evaluate 45 Million consumers and offer credit to over 15 Million. Scienaptic’s clients include Fortune 100 banks, community banks and Fintechs.

This role will enable you to be at the forefront of latest cutting-edge technology and create a significant and visible business impact for Scienaptic as well as its clients. You will be working with some of the best-in-class Coders, AI/ML Scientist and Business Analytics Consultants in an environment which will encourage you to contribute widely to functional and technological aspects.


 ·        Understand client requirements and translate them to application features

 ·        Collaborate with a team of IT professionals to set specifications for new applications

 ·        Design creative prototypes according to specifications

 ·        Develop high quality source code to program complete applications within deadlines

 ·        Evaluate existing applications to reprogram, update and add new features

 ·        Develop technical documents and handbooks to accurately represent application design and code


Skills and Experience:

 ·        Overall 3-5 years’ experience in building software and web applications.

 ·        Strong hands on working experience of Python

 ·        Extensive experience in building applications / apis using node js. Must have knowledge of the REST framework.

 ·        Experience of working with Java, Springboot, Hibernate.

 ·        Good SQL skills - MySQL, Oracle, Hive. Awareness of basic Shell commands

 ·        Familiarity with the Hadoop ecosystem, Hive, HBase and Spark is required.

 ·        Ability to quickly pick up new technologies and build POCs quickly.

 ·        Experience of working with build tools and versioning tools such as git

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